New Player Intro to the Elysium Campaign

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Intro to the Elysium Campaign

The Elysium campaign isn’t your typical D&D game. It grew out of a series of PvP-style combat “arena” adventures about a decade ago. It’s become a full-fledged campaign, however, with very little in the way of PvP. Here are the key points you need to know about the game:

  • Player Characters are called “Glaives.” They are a special class of citizen in the city of Elysium. While all glaives participate in arena adventures from time to time, they also participate in quests outside of the city.
  • Players can have multiple Glaives. In fact, most of us do.
  • All Glaives are part of a guild or “stable” called “The Brethren.” Think of it as a Justice League or the Avengers; whoever is available for a given adventure can play.
  • Glaives gain experience by earning “Victory Points.” Victory Points are used either to advance in level, or can be cashed in for gold.
  • Anyone can GM an Elysium game. We currently have 3 or 4 folks that regularly GM, but it’s open to anyone.
  • Sessions are meant to be self-contained. You can play one session and then not play again for a year, but you’ll still be in the same game.
  • There is a group of 3 folks known as “The Triad” that serve as campaign admins. DMs have freedom to do just about anything, but when there are events or major rules decisions that affect the entire campaign, the Triad will step in to make decisions. They also set the overall tone of the setting.

TL;DR: Lots of DMs, lots of characters in a Justice League/Avengers-type setting.

Elysium Character Generation

Here are the rules for generating a new Elysium Glaive:

  • 20 point ability buy
  • 6th level
  • All basic gear is free (basically anything that costs less than 50 GP or so).
  • 16,000 GP worth of expensive items and magic gear. There is no limit on the amount of money that can be spent on a single item.
  • You can choose any class/race from any Paizo Pathfinder RPG book.
  • You may not build a custom race from the Advanced Race Guide. Alternate races from that book be worth no more than 20 RP.
  • You can use any kits / alternate options in any pathfinder books.
  • Choose 2 traits according to the trait optional rules.
  • You get Max Hit Points at 1st level. Hit Points are calculated as die type/2 +1 each additional level for classes whose Hit Dice is d8 or lower. Classes with a d10 or higher for Hit Dice get die type/2 +2.
  • You may use the Pathfinder re-build rules on PCs as per the official rules. except you may not re-train HPs.
  • There’s more to playing in the ongoing game, but this will get you started and let you dip your toe in the waters.

Thanks for your interest, and we hope to game with you soon!

Bob Younce 989.750.2727

New Player Intro to the Elysium Campaign

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